October 20, 2019

Television Remains an Essential Part of Filipinos

The changes in media landscape also change the way consumers access information about products and services. Television remains an essential part of Filipinos’ everyday lives, which is why they rely on commercials for product information. These advertisements also greatly affect the product preference of Filipino consumers. Respondents of the Nielsen Global Consumer survey from the Philippines said that commercials increased their brand preference (78%), as the image created by these commercials influenced their decision to buy said products.

Celebrity endorsements also play an important role when it comes to influencing brand preference. Companies use these spokespersons to deliver their advertising message and to boost their brand image. Marketing studies have reported that famous people increase awareness of a company’s advertising and create positive feelings towards brands.

One of the local companies that approached celebrities is Cherry Mobile. After eventually getting them as stable endorsers, they have experienced a boost in sales of the smartphones. The reason behind this, according to Julius Guevara, Colliers Philippines associate director for advisory and research, is because Filipinos “are very conscious of celebrities and they find affinity with the celebrity.” A celebrity’s appearance, popularity, and relatability are the measures on how big the impact of their endorsement could influence a consumer’s decision on buying their endorsed brand.

Advertising on the Internet also plays a key role in advertising. 10% of the consumers ranked social media posting, 9% for active internet searching, 6% for internet advertisements, and 4% for Internet forum or message board as key influencers. According to Stuart Jamieson, Nielsen’s Managing Director in the Philippines, there is a “rising reliance” on social media postings, active Internet searching, and Internet forum, wherein consumers can learn more about the product, and read about the reviews of other consumers like them.

Nielsen said savvy marketers who are able to inject these in their product development can count on Filipino consumers to be their ambassadors among their family and friends offline or online. The Nielsen report on Global New Product Innovation revealed affordability as the key driver of new product purchase for Filipino consumers, followed by convenience and personal recommendation from family and friends, and experts (14%).

According to a study conducted by Waggener Edstrom Communications Ltd. (WECL), most positively, experience-based sectors like dining and tourism have the greatest show of promoters, followed by mobile, food, and healthcare products.

Filipinos are often lured by product promos and affordable prices. 40% of the Filipino respondents in a study conducted by Waggener Edstrom Communications Ltd. (WECL) said that they are very likely to follow a brand on social media for the discounts and promotions offered.

Nielsen’s 2013 Philippine Shopper Trends Report revealed affordability as the key driver of new product purchase for Filipino consumers, followed by convenience and personal recommendation. Filipino shoppers have said that they like new products or emerging products that are “centered on affordability, health and sustainability, and convenience as important considerations.”

Filipinos also prefer to shop around for deals. Three out of 10 shoppers, according to the report, admit to being promotions-driven. Despite having a prepared list for their shopping trips, majority of shoppers buy more than they had planned due to these promos, i.e. price-offs, discounts, and the Pinoy-favourite “Buy 1, Take 1” promo. In-store promotional activities are a good way to support product or brand launches, as well.

According to Nielsen’s 2012 Global Consumer Report, good product promotions are received the strongest in developing countries where “practicality and creativeness are needed in order to stretch the budget.” In fact, 76% of Filipino respondents said free gift offers make product offers more attractive. Although Filipinos are ready to spend, they are still more inclined to grabbing best deals and promos; offering extras or gifts to consumers will get them to buy a product over another.

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